NetHui South Programme

NetHui South is half way between a traditional conference and an unconference or barcamp. Like a traditional conference, NetHui South has a pre-agreed agenda. However, much like an unconference, people “participate” rather than passively “attend”. Everyone’s views are valued; everyone is encouraged to fully participate.

The real soul of NetHui South is the streams. Rooms are arranged for circular sitting to encourage conversation. A stream or topic facilitator sets the context, taking no more than 5-10 minutes. After that, the role of the facilitator is, as they name suggests, to facilitate the discussion. No Power Points, no presentations. Just high quality conversation, welcoming multiple perspectives on the topic.

The same ethos flows into the panels. There is some context setting prior to a panel followed by panel members taking 5-10 minutes to set out their respective views. Then it is an open mic. Participants are encouraged to share their own views or ask a question.

This is multi-stakeholderism in its true form. A fancy word which means that NetHui South is a hui where everyone gets to shape our future together.

Day 1 (23rd November 2012)

11.00Meet-ups (details below)
1. Creative Commons
Museum - Kakapo rm
12 noonRegistration desk opensArts Bldg
1.00Mihi Whakatau - Welcome CeremonyArts Bldg - Burns 1
1.10Introduction, housekeeping
MC Erika Pearson
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
1.15NetHui scene setting
Vikram Kumar, Chief Executive, InternetNZ
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
1.30Ministerial Keynote
Hon Amy Adams, ICT Minister
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
"Things that make us stupid: Why security user interfaces lead to insecure user actions"
Peter Gutmann, Professional Paranoid. University of Auckland
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
Contracting the tyranny of distance
John Crawford, General Manager, Natural History NZ
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
2.40Welcome from the Dunedin City Council
Cr Jinty MacTavish
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
2.45Dunedin and Otago digital strategies
Stuart Dillon-Roberts, General Manager, Dunedin Digital Office
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
3.10Tea breakMuseum - Hutton Thtr
Stream 1 and 2
Focus on Dunedin Digital Strategy: opportunities and challenges
Facilitator: Stuart Dillon-Roberts

Extending the business & innovation ecosystem in Dunedin
Facilitator: Lance Wiggs
Museum - Hutton Thtr
Networking drinksMuseum - Southern Land, Southern People Gallery
Projects that are making a difference
1. ANZIA winners
2. Community wifi at Queen's High School
3. NZ as a global hub in multicore and parallel computing
4. UPT Digital and IT HOTHOUSE
Facilitator: Campbell Gardiner
Museum - Southern Land, Southern People Gallery
1. in2securITy
Museum - Kakapo rm

Day 2 (24th November 2012)

8.30 amWelcome coffeeUnion Bldg - 'The Link'
9.00Introduction, housekeeping
MC Erika Pearson
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
Rights-based approach to the Internet
Joy Liddicoat
Internet Rights are Human Rights Project Co-ordinator, Association for Progressive Communications
Chair, Domain Name Commission Ltd.
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
9.30Panel- digital inclusion
Major issues and ways to bridge digital divides
Anton Angelo, student, Masters in Information Studies VUW
Di Daniels, National Coordinator Computers in Homes & Stepping UP Programmes
Leona Karauria, ICT Project Manager, Computers in Homes
Simon Fogarty, University of Otago
Facilitator: Erika Pearson
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
10.30Tea breakMuseum - Hutton Thtr
11.00Stream 3 [Hutton]
Globalisation & the Law
1. Copyright & the Internet
Facilitator: Ross Young
2. Regulating bad behaviour online
Facilitator: David Farrar
Stream 4 [Kakapo]
1. Open Education and Learning
Facilitator: Dr Mark McGuire
2. For schools
Facilitator: Greg Carroll
1.00 pmLunchMuseum - Hutton Thtr
1.45Stream 3 contd. [Hutton]
Globalisation & the Law
3. Cybersecurity: at a tipping point?
Facilitator: Dean Pemberton
Stream 5 [Kakapo]
Social & Culture
1. Anonymity online: a necessary evil?
Facilitator: Joy Liddicoat
2.35Stream 6 [Hutton]
Internet Governance
1. Challenges to the multi-stakeholder governance model
Facilitator: Jordan Carter
Stream 5 contd. [Kakapo]
Social & Culture
2. Promoting cultural diversity online
Facilitator: Sophia Tamati
3.15Tea BreakMuseum - Hutton Thtr
3.50Vision 2020: Scene Setting
Clare Curran, MP, Labour
Gareth Hughes, MP, Greens
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
4.00Panel- Vision 2020
Internet-enabled opportunities for New Zealand
David Farrar, Kiwiblog, Curia Market Research Ltd
Prof George Benwell, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Commerce) and Dean of the Business School, University of Otago
Steve Silvey, CEO, Upstart
Dr William Rolleston, South Pacific Sera Ltd, National VP Federated Farmers
Facilitator: Lance Wiggs
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
4.50Debate: Is the notice and consent privacy model dead?
Paul Roth, Faculty of Law, University of Otago
Kathryn Dalziel, Partner, Taylor Shaw
Moderator: Andrew Long
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
MC Erika Pearson
Arts Bldg - Burns 1
5.15FinishArts Bldg

Creative Commons meet-up

Kiwis interested in Free Culture and Creative Commons licences are invited to come to the Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand Meetup at NetHui South. Whether you are a teacher, student, researcher, creator, innovator or are simply curious about open culture, feel free to come along.

At this free meetup, you’ll also:
• Learn about ‘The New Storytelling,’ a Creative Commons Mix & Mash style showcase for New Zealand students;
• Hear from local teachers, academics and students about the use of open licensing in education and research;
• Discuss the use of Creative Commons licences in culture and the arts; and
• Help shape the next phase of the Creative Commons project in Aotearoa New Zealand.

In typical NetHui fashion, the meet-up will be open and participatory. Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand is keen to hear about your CC experiences, answer your CC questions and learn more about your use of CC licences. If you’re interested in coming along, please email